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Side Effects of Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy

FSM is very safe and painless. FSM can be used to treat persons with plates, pins, or screws. Some people may experience a detox reaction similar to that which can occur after a massage, including tiredness, a slight flu-like feeling, or headache. Drinking extra water will help ease any detoxification effects. When soft tissues that have been "bracing" an injured area are released, other areas may experience some temporary stress as they regain normal functioning. I encourage patients to contact me after their session to let me know of any changes as this helps me to determine which frequencies will be most beneficial in future treatments.

*FSM CANNOT BE USED* during pregnancy, on people who have a history of seizures, those with an active infection/ on antibiotics, or on persons with pacemakers/ implanted medical devices that cannot be turned off. FSM is not used to treat cancer or cancerous lesions.

Neuromuscular & Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy
Pamela Bouvier, LMT
30 years of pain relief experience
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